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Age : 999

Carnet du sorcier
Humeur actuelle: à faire des farces stupides... comme d'habitude en fait ^^
Trait particulier visible actuellement: A un faux nez en plastique

MessageSujet: Discussion en Anglais   Mar 11 Mai - 22:51

Hello ! I created this topic in Totem school the first time... and I am happy to inaugured him today in Eleus Theria ! My name is Giunty , I am XXXXX years old ( I am so much old for say my age to you XD ) and I am a Free-Spirit , like peeves in "Harry Potter" ( but of course I am better than him...).

In this topic, you had to speak English. And ONLY English =) !
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Sirhy Oliver
Dragon Féerique

Age : 12

Carnet du sorcier
Humeur actuelle: Ennervée
Totem: Encore inconnu
Trait particulier visible actuellement: A une feuille d'arbre coincée dans les cheveux

MessageSujet: Re: Discussion en Anglais   Dim 16 Mai - 13:18

Hum... I am not good at English... All that I can say is that I am a girl Surprised , I am a teenager (yeaaah !) and I am fond of Harry Potter (like many other people , I know...). Ah ! And I have a Maths Homework very difficult to do for tomorrow... Crying or Very sad So bye =)!
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Malicia Braid
Dragon Féerique

Baguette : Bois de chêne et plume de Colombe de la Paix.
Age : 14
Localisation : Bien dans ses baskets.

Carnet du sorcier
Humeur actuelle: Super bonne humeur.
Totem: Encore inconnu
Trait particulier visible actuellement: Ne mentionne plus Elémentia.

MessageSujet: Re: Discussion en Anglais   Sam 22 Mai - 12:53

First of all ... WTF ...

Second, you don't know what you awake in me, dear spirit. The true is that i'm a poor frustrated french girl who totaly loves speaking english ( and any other langages ), so I may be going to flood alot out there.

Third, Malicia Braid big introduction: i'm a french blond and very nice girl. I'm a witch and i can do lots of very cool stuffs why my wand. I got a lot of friends in Eleus Theria, because I was very famous and loved in my ex school of magic (named Elémentia), but I never tell anything about that. My best friend is Liev, but I have secrets romantics feelings for ... Uhuh I can't tell this, I'm too shy.

Anyway, it's been a while since you got news from me on this forum but now I'm in holidays, I'm glad to announce that I have a lot of time for you all my dear friends.

xxx Mali.

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Keira Manë

Age : 12

MessageSujet: Re: Discussion en Anglais   Lun 23 Mai - 12:00

Oh my god ! That's a freaking good idea ! Let's speak english !
I know, I'm supposed to be in vacations, so I should stop speaking english all the time, but I don't give a craaaaap about what people think, I love that and I'll speak english till my tongue (and my fingers 'cause actually, I'm writing, here.) die(s).

Malicia, I have to say that your english is impressive and I'd like to know you for real to chat with you ;P

But I'm quite confused about what we're supposed to say/do here, are we supposed to act like our characters or ?

Anyway (ANYHOO ^^ People who know the amazing "Scrubs" would understand !), I'll do both, in order to introduce me, myself, and I.

I, Keira Manë, 12 years old, am a nice, dark-haired little girl who previously studied in the great school of magic, Elementia, and that is now about to enter her new school, named Eleus-Theria. I'm quite shy and don't speak very much, but I had a few friends in my ex-school, and I'm really impatient to see them again...

I, MM, role-player on this amazing and beautiful forum, am a young dark-haired woman. I'm almost 20 years old (oh my god, I can't believe I just wrote that. I'm getting old.). I'm studying English (oh really ? what a surpriiiise!) and Portuguese at the University in a LLCE degree (Language, Litterature and Foreign Civilisation (the E being "Etrangères)). And if I'm lucky, I'll be in third year in September...! I'm really sorry that I forgot this forum for a while, but I was very busy between my speech therapist contest and my exams at the University...
But I'm now on f*** holidays and I will ROCK ELEUS' WORLD !! (...if somebody would answer my post on the beach...-_-")

Kisses !!! xXxxX
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MessageSujet: Re: Discussion en Anglais   Dim 31 Juil - 7:03

What can I say there ? It's a really good idea you had there ! Smile I don't have english as my mother language but I can say that I can speak/write in english. Even, I don't really have the choice, thinking that I have english class at school. Want me to talk about my dear Aksalh (oops, it's me ^^)

Then, what I could say to you that you don't already know ? Ah, the origin of my pseudo ! I'm a self-starter writer. I'm writing and I'm doing my studies at the same time. Aksalh is the name of my principal Hero of one of my trilogies. Her name is Athena Katherina Stella Audrey Lebensstern Harlequin. In other forum, my name is Hébé, the goddess of the youth and the pass or Anarkia, wich mean fate in geek. Hébé (Juventas in Roman myth), Anarkia and Aksalh are my first character in my head so they will always be my pseudo in everything.

Hum, what else ? My favorite singer is Taylor Swift ? I'm working on a rpg forum with a gang of another forum ? I'm blocked in my bed because I can't move my legs due of a accident at the beach ? I'm bored ? I'm addicted to a new drug: Shun ? I'm in love ? There's so much to say but I don't have the words to write it on this wall. Even in french, I could not describe how good I fell when I'm in his arm, when I saw him, when we kiss...

But I think you don't want details. I'm glad to be back. 1 month was long but in that laps of time, I found tow forum and I upgraded my rp level. And I'm feeling at my place to be back.

how sing at the moment California King Bed by Rihanna
See you soon,
I don't care what you are because there's no boudaries when all the prejudices are gone.

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MessageSujet: Re: Discussion en Anglais   

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Discussion en Anglais
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